can i sell my house with a lien on it

If you have a lien on your house, you can still sell it, but the lien must be paid off or settled before the sale can be completed. You will need to contact the lien holder and work out a payment solution that satisfies both parties. Once the lien is fully paid off, the title can be transferred to the buyer and the property can be sold. & Foster Real Estate your plans to sell your house with a lien on it.

Long & Foster Real Estate would need to discuss all relevant information regarding the lien and the property prior to providing advice on how to proceed with a sale. This includes the type, amount, and age of the lien, as well as any other related information you can provide. Long & Foster Real Estate can then advise on potential solutions to ensure a successful sale, such as engaging a title company to prepare all required documents, reviewing local laws and regulations, and coordinating with the lienholder or another third party to help facilitate the sale.

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