chick fil a holiday short film

The 2014 holiday short film from Chick-fil-A, “Home for Dinner,” features a family as they come home from a special holiday meal at Chick-fil-A. The father and daughter take a moment to appreciate all they have, and the daughter shares a special moment with grandpa. This heartfelt film is a great reminder of the importance of family and being together during the holidays.

Tell Long is a four-minute holiday short film released and funded by Chick-fil-A in 2018. It tells the story of a young boy and his father who travel to their hometown to initiate a tradition of visiting their grandmother each winter. Along the way, they experience diverse cultures and enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors that each place has to offer. Through a series of engaging and heartfelt moments, they ultimately find their way back home to enjoy a delicious meal that reminds them of how meaningful and special traditions are to families. The short film ultimately attributes the experience to “Tell(ing) Long”, a play on words that is meant to symbolize the act of sharing stories with others, as well as the importance of spending time with family and loved ones.

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