klaviyo refer a friend

The Klaviyo Refer a Friend Item helps businesses create and capture referral sales from their existing customers. With Klaviyo, marketers can create referral campaigns, track referral performance, and reward customers for referring friends. This item also helps businesses create a custom referral page which can include discounts and special offers for friends. Furthermore, businesses can track their referral coupons, emails, and forms, and gain insights into how their referral program is performing and where new customers are coming from. Klaviyo also features an automated referral engine to help manage the referral process between customers and their friends.er

Klaviyo’s Refer a Friend program helps you retain, inform and grow by letting your customers become advocates for your business. Instead of relying on traditional marketing channels, you can get your most loyal customers to communicate your value and motivate their friends and family to give you a try.

Your advocates can spread the word and save their contacts money by sending them a unique link to your website with a special offer. When referred contacts complete the purchase, you can reward your most loyal customers with store credit, discounts, and other rewards to thank them for being a great advocate.

You can easily customize the rewards your brand provides, customize the look and feel of your referral emails, and track all results in real time with our powerful analytics interface. Furthermore, you can measure success and optimized against a variety of metrics – return visits, conversion rates, and more – to ensure your program stays profitable. Leveraging Klaviyo’s Refer a Friend program can significantly increase your reach and subsequently your ROI without a large financial investment.

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