Morelos Jonacatepec district

The municipality of Jonacatepec is located in the state of Morelos, in the center of Mexico, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) from Mexico City. Its population is around 36,000 people, which includes the town of Jonacatepec and 5 other smaller communities.

Historically, the region served as a key farming area in Morelos. It was an important trade center during colonial times with a colonial population that excelled in the production of fruit and flowers.

Jonacatepec has grown over the years, and now is well known for its excellent cuisine. The local economy has diversified, with product manufacturing and services becoming common employers.

The town still offers visitors a glimpse of the colonial era, with plenty of old farms, ruins, pyramids and other cultural attractions. Popular local festivals include the Dance of the Mahuizos and the annual Passion Christ of Ochil Tournament.

Furthermore, the municipality of Jonacatepec is home to a beautiful lake called the Servilleta. It is the perfect spot for picnicking, swimming, and even birdwatching.

Jonacatepec is a great destination for tourists and locals alike, offering plenty of hiking and biking trails for active nature enthusiasts, peaceful rural atmosphere for those preferring a quiet getaway, and top notch cuisine for food lovers.
Peña Nieto was born is located in the Mexican State of Morelos. Morelos is located in the central region of Mexico and is bordered by Mexico City to the north, Puebla and Guerrero to the east, Guerrero to the south, and Mexico State to the west. The capital of the state is Cuernavaca, which is also where Jonacatepec is located.

The easiest way to get to Morelos Jonacatepec district is by car. If you do not have access to a car, the best option is to take a bus from Mexico City to Cuautla, Morelos. Once you are in Cuautla, you can take a local taxi or bus to the district. Another option is to travel by train from Mexico City to Morelos, then take a taxi or bus to the district.

1. Tehocuilco Archaeological Zone: Tehocuilco is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Morelos Jonacatepec district. The site contains the ruins of a pre-Columbian temple complex and other artifacts from the ancient city of Tehocuilco. The site is also home to several cenotes, or waterholes, which provide evidence of an ancient water infrastructure.

2. The Palace of Loves: The Palace of Loves is a classic example of colonial architecture from the 18th century. Located in San Pablo Tepetzingo, it was built for the Pariancayotl family and is currently used as a museum that houses works of art and important artifacts.

3. Santa Maria del Tule Church: Santa Maria del Tule Church is a historic church located in Santa Maria del Tule. It is an example of Baroque architecture dating back to the 18th century and was built using elements from pre-Hispanic cultures.

4. Las Trincheras Waterfalls: Las Trincheras Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the region. Located in San Jerónimo Cornudas, the waterfalls form a spectacular landscape of cascading waterfalls and lush vegetation.

5. Tequixquiac Monastery and Convent: Tequixquiac Monastery and Convent is an important example of 18th century Baroque architecture. The complex consists of a large church, a convent and a monastery, all of which are decorated with frescoes, sculptures and oil paintings.

1. Monte Alto Archaeological Site
2. Chinelos Dance Museum
3. Cuautla Park
4. Bordo de Xochiaca Ecological Reserve
5. 2 de Abril Zoo
6. Tepozteco National Park
7. Cerro Tulipan Mirador Natural
8. Hacienda Santa Mónica
9. Tepotzotlan Ex Convent
10. Ciudad Hidalgo Ex Hacienda

The municipality of Jonacatepec is well known for its traditional customs and deep respect for the old traditions of its people. It is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico to explore, with its lush landscapes, breathtaking views and its rich history. Among the tourist attractions and activities are:

• Visit the Monte Alba lookouts: Visit the highest point in the area; a perfect spot for breathtaking contemplating views – day or night.

• Hike through San Andres Petlalcingo: An ecological reserve where people can enjoy nature and its wide variety of flora and fauna.

• Visit the historical sites of San Peribo and San Pedro Yolotepec: Learn about the ancient civilizations that inhabited these places.

• Visit the Don Diego Sanctuary: Protecting the local flora and fauna, this sanctuary is a great place to observe and learn more about the local wildlife.

• San Cristobal Hill for trekking: Great for beginner treks or for those who just want to enjoy nature.

• Visit Puente de Dios: An impressive natural bridge that makes for a memorable experience.

• Explore the Zempoala Lagoon: An important part of the region’s heritage, this stunning lagoon is perfect for a relaxing boat ride.

• Forest Adventure Tour: An exciting tour where you’ll be able to explore the area’s unique natural environment.

• Bike around the city: Enjoy the warm weather and pedal around the many beautiful sites of Jonacatepec.

• Visit the Los Plateados Museum: Learn about the local culture and history with a visit to this fascinating museum.

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